Canine Capers: Selecting a Trainer

Spring is a great time to start or continue training your dog. What do you picture when you read the words ‘dog training?’ A large class with many people and their dogs? Endless practicing of Sit, Down, and Stay that is boring for both of you? Those are outdated misconceptions. As dogs are members of […]

Canine Capers: TTouch for Pets

There are many ways to demonstrate our love for our companion animals. One of my favorites is a technique called Tellington Touch (TTouch®), which I used on my devoted senior dog Ollie during a recent stressful period. With the addition of an inquisitive teenage puppy to our family, Ollie’s confidence was tested and he was […]

Canine Capers

Adding a dog to our family is a big event and needs careful consideration since s/he will bring peace or chaos to our family for 12 or more years. The task has been complicated by both the public’s desire for "designer dogs" and those who serve that demand to mass produce (puppy mill) or sell […]

Native Plants

Propagating Natives Summer is the time to enjoy mature native plants. Most are at their peak and it is the ideal time to start window shopping for plants that you want in your yard. Once they start to mature, you can collect seed or take cuttings to propagate them. And it is easier than you […]