Edible Plants for the Garden

More than 18 native plants are currently harvested in B.C. for personal use or commercial sale. Most grow at forest edges or in sunny openings. Here is a selection that you can grow in your native plant garden. Most can be propagated from seed collected when ripe and stem or root cuttings. Use a field […]

Native Plants: Resources

There are many resources available to help get you started in planting your native garden. Upcoming Native Plant Sales You can get some good deals and species not commonly available at retail outlets. • Swan Lake Christmas Hill April 21 & 22 10am – 3pm (250) 479-0211, http://swanlake.bc.ca/plantsale.htm • Milner Woodland Gardens April 21 & […]

Native Plants: Selection

Before you plan your yard, you need to assess existing growing conditions. These conditions determine which native plants will do best there. Each section of your yard, called a microhabitat, has different combinations of light levels, moisture and soil types. A change in only one of these will mean that different plants will do better […]