Spirit Dancing

Spirit moves in everything. Whenever we stop and look at what is all around us, beyond the veils of our human perceptions, the edges of our separateness dissolve away revealing the wholeness of what is actually here. As we relax into the images and sounds and smells, allowing the experience to soak into our entire […]

Truth Moves

Winter’s silent retreat has come to an end. Her blanket of snow has melted and the dead brush has been cleared away. Migrating birds make their way northward in great flocks along the coastline just as the herring arrive. Hyacinths and daffodils push their way up through the moist earth. Nature is awakening with the […]

The Undivided Self

Nature is a manifestation of beauty and grace. It exists in absolute harmony with what is. Nothing is rushed; nothing is wasted; nothing is out of place; nothing is missing. Everything is in perfect balance. Every element in nature is interconnected with the whole. Each wave fulfills it own unique purpose while its very existence […]

The Path of Least Resistance

Our world is in constant motion and change. Everything in the universe passes through cycles of growth and renewal. As one season comes to an end, a new one begins in nature’s ancient, unfailing rhythm. As living beings, we are continuously evolving. Nothing within us stays the same. We are constantly transforming as we make […]

Spiritual Springtime

The earth is once again repeating the timeless tradition of rolling up her winter carpet, and unfurling her banner of spring. The air is filled with the anticipation of new beginnings. Tulips and daffodils push up through the rain soaked ground to greet the morning light. Buds, everywhere, burst into colourful splendor. Flocks of Canada […]