Vitamin "L"

I could never have imagined the day when an internationally recognized scientist and award-winning author would say the following: "LOVE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN NUTRITION”. Of course, there is a specific context to this statement, but as we approach St.Valentine’s Day, it seems an appropriate message to share. I heard that statement a couple of […]

Harmonic Ripples

My father was a musician back in the nineteen forties and fifties during the big band era. The instrument he played was a five-string stand up bass that was taller than he was. I remember, as a little kid, listening to him softly hum the bass harmony to radio music on Sunday mornings. It’s one […]

Focus Pocus

My wife and I used to have a lot of good mountain biking near where we lived. One of the trails that we regularly rode had a narrow traverse along a steep side hill. Both she, and some other people we knew, remarked that they found that section quite scary and had trouble staying on […]

Doing, Not Doing & Un-Doing

There’s an old story about Henry Ford, the originator of the assembly line, hiring an efficiency expert. After a thorough inspection of his plant, the expert reported back to Mr. Ford to review his findings. As the story goes, the expert said, "Mr. Ford your plant is most efficient, and I could find only a […]

Health Spin

Most of us know that there is important information out there on which we should base our health decisions. It might be the reason you’ve chosen to look over this little article. After all, we make our decisions and form our opinions based on the information we’ve been exposed to along the way. Having been […]