Headaches and My Teeth?

“When I wear it at night I rarely wake up with the headaches I used to have”. I hear this comment frequently from patients who have been given a dental parafunction-control appliance. Parafunction means jaw movements that are outside of our normal day to day motions (chewing, swallowing, talking etc). Parafunction often occurs at night […]

Ode to My Tiffin

I have looked for one of these things for years! Ever since seeing the movie “Eat, Drink…Man, Woman” where I watched the master chef, who the movie was centered around, pack his little grand-daughter amazing lunches that she carried to school in her tiffin box, I’ve been looking for one. I’ve looked in most places […]

Citta Hospital in Humla, Nepal

I arrived in Kathmandu at ten at night on a flight from Hong Kong. When asked by customs why I was visiting Nepal, I simply replied "trekking”. I didn’t want to have to explain the collection of dental instruments, surgical gloves, boxes of needles and anaesthetic, bottles of antibiotics and pain medications plus two hundred […]

What We Do To Our Teeth!

The average life expectancy in British Columbia has increased to over 78 years. With the advances of modern dentistry it is now quite possible to keep your teeth for your lifetime. It is important, therefore, at my patient’s exams to look for signs of early wear and/or erosion. Once identified we can then plan to […]