Preserving Food

I must make a confession. I have a fondness for canning or "putting food by” as they say. At fall fairs, I wander around the canning entries seeing what other people are up to. I don’t know where this came from. Perhaps it was the stories of my mother’s years during the depression in Peace […]

Dental Cavities

The Present State of Decay First the good news. Tooth decay has decreased since 1960. At present, fifty percent of under twenty-one year olds are cavity/filling free. The decay process itself seems to be progressing more slowly than it did fifty years ago. While we’re not certain about what is responsible for this improvement we […]

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the total blockage of airflow for ten seconds or more during sleep. The severity of the condition depends on the number of times it occurs per hour. In mild apnea, it occurs less than twenty times per hour, while in severe apnea over sixty per hour. These events can last for much […]