As seen from the point of view of Pure Energy here is a story of human struggle and courage. The story begins on the shores of an infinite flowing river. The banks of this mighty river are edged by various rocks, boulders and grassy mounds. There are many magnificent and proud trees, flora and vegetation […]

The Language of Expression

As soon as we enter our life on the planet Earth through a personal energy vehicle (PEV) and the organic body, we begin to learn a language of expression. The language we learn on Earth, that being written and oral communication, emotional and symbolic expression, has  anchored people in a completely incorrect and limited form […]

What is Anxiety?

Today there are more people of all ages experiencing stress or anxiety in their lives, although they are not clear about the root cause. They are asking themselves “Why can’t I cope and what is wrong with me?” They are seeking the help of health practitioners and counselors. Often the standard procedure is to prescribe […]