Cryptic Crosswords – Part Four

If you have enjoyed this series of articles and the puzzles and would like to see a cryptic crossword puzzle included in future editions of Synergy, express your opinion by sending an e-mail to If sufficient numbers of enthusiastic readers respond positively, the editor has offered space for a regular cryptic crossword in future. […]

Cryptic Crosswords – Part Three

In two previous articles, readers have learned that the basic rule of cryptic crossword solving is that each clue has two parts: some wordplay and a definition (not always in the same order).   Types of wordplay introduced so far have been anagrams, reversals, containers, homographs, homophones, deletions and charades. In this article, four more […]

Cryptic Crosswords – Part Two

  In the first article in this series, it was stated that the general rule for understanding the cryptic clue is that there are always two parts – some wordplay and a definition. These are not always in the same order, but when considered carefully, lead to the solution. New readers who wish to catch up, […]

Cryptic Crosswords: Solutions!

Here are the solutions for the Cryptic Crossword series by Ernie Esstell… Crossword One Across: 1. Advice (anagram). 4. Orc (contained). 7. Early (anag) 8. Star (cont.) 9. Skint (cont.) 12. Decaf (anag.) 15. Sore (reversal of Eros) 16. Tithe (cont.)  17. God (rev. of dog) 18. Brides (anag). Down: 1. Avers (cont.) 2. Verdi (anag.) 3. Crypt […]

Cryptic Crosswords – Part One

Starting in this edition of Synergy is a series of articles on how to solve cryptic crosswords.  There is evidence in research that the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be delayed or avoided by engaging the mind in regular activities such as puzzle solving and game playing. So, to provide readers of […]