The Salmon Are Going Down

Up on the Broughton Archipelago, off northern Vancouver Island, the whale researcher Alexandra Morton is measuring an extinction. She has lived there for many years, and knows the waters intimately. She knows that something very terrible is happening, before her eyes. The juvenile wild salmon that are descending the fresh-water rivers on their way to […]

Living Hope

People need people. We need the smiles, the glances, the ebb and flow of daily relationships. They nurture our souls, touch our emotions, and feed the sense that we are human. For all of the many million years that we have been humans, we have lived together as a clan, tribe or community, living in […]

Living Hope – Water, Spirit & Peace

The occupation of Iraq has gone ahead; Iraq’s people have been freed from Saddam Hussein’s Stalinist rule. The Shi’ite muslims are free to worship again; the political prisoners have been released from their torment. To achieve this, thousands of children, civilians and young soldiers have had their heads blown off, their limbs torn off by […]

Coffee, Justice and Love

Coffee – it’s such a small but innocent pleasure. But could it also hold the key to global change? Believe it or not, after oil, coffee is the world’s second largest traded commodity. In 50 countries, 20 million farming families (60 to 80 million people) depend on coffee for their income. Every day, they tend […]