Living Hope:

Vancouver Island the Beautiful We live on a very beautiful island where the herons, the eagles, the mountains, the oceans and the forests are a constant inspiration. Our island will still be here in 200 years – in 2,000 years. But what kind of an island will it be? That depends on the decisions we […]

Walking in the City

Copenhagen is leading the way. Bogota, Columbia’s capital, is following. Austin, Texas, and Portland, Oregon, are right in there. All across Europe, cities are working to make themselves more pedestrian friendly. Walking: it’s a seven million year old tradition. Can you imagine the romance of Paris without walking? The wonders of Prague? The history of […]

Living Hope – The Sustainable City

It has only been 157 years since the morning of March 14th 1843, when the Hudson Bay Company’s Chief Factor, James Douglas, stepped ashore at Clover Point to begin the permanent presence of white settlers on Vancouver Island, pushing aside the Island’s native inhabitants onto patchy reserves. In this short period of time, as well […]