Walk vs. Talk

I attended a showing at the IMAX theatre in Victoria about the Hubble telescope recently. It concluded with a view of earth from space while making the point that in all the unimaginable expanse of all the universes combined, there is no more idyllic place for us to be. There is no other place where […]

Ramblings of an Old Flower Child – Ticker

I spent most of my life searching for truth, self awareness and ultimately Nirvana by thinking, analyzing, pondering and conceptualizing. I thought that the mind contained the wellspring where it all happens; where we begin and return to, in our journey of awareness. So I checked out all sorts of accounts from anyone and everyone […]

There’s Purpose & Then There’s Purpose

At some point in our lives, we reflect on what our purpose might be. If we haven’t done that before we hit our mid-life crisis, it most certainly will be part of our process then. Knowing one’s purpose is often a life-long personal search. Some lucky ones know early on what their purpose is. We […]