Nanaimo Family Life Association

For over forty years, the Nanaimo Family Life Association (NFLA); the Centre for Healthy Relationships has been providing quality counseling services, workshops and community networking for people on a limited budget. In this way, the non-profit organization has bolstered the wellbeing of teens, individuals, families and seniors. As an added bonus, the greater community has […]

Ramblings of an Old Flower Child – Gifting

On the surface, gifting is about expressing appreciation for the people in our lives. It sounds simple and obvious. But when we get ‘wrapped up’ (bad pun?) in the expectations of individuals and society towards gift giving, it quickly gets complicated. When you think about it, we exchange gifts within a labyrinth-like context of relationship […]

Interview with Shine Edgar

Vancouver Island seems to draw gifted individuals, particularly artists and otherwise right-brain geniuses, who resonate with the beauty of nature, the slower rhythm and the sheer wonderful energy of this part of the world. This natural stage serves as a platform on which these creative souls may manifest their particular brand of inspired expression. One […]

Ramblings of an Old Flower Child

I have diabetes. It’s the type that statistics show to be the second highest cause of death (the first being accidents) in Canada. This condition (they don’t call it a disease) is the result of the body not producing enough insulin to break down the food that we ingest into small enough particles for the […]