Humanity Man – Summer

Why, hello there, my fellow zombie. I can’t thank you enough for deciding to join us here again. I hope and trust all is well with you. Actually, I do more than assume all is well with you. I know all is well with you, because all is well with every single one of us […]

Humanity Man – A Forgotten City

I have a quick question for you. How many times have you changed your mind today about something? Three times? Five? Twenty? There’s nothing wrong with that. We change our minds all the time. Whether it’s what we feel like for dinner to what we’re going to do that weekend, we are constantly changing our […]

Humanity Man

Well, hello there, my fellow zombies. I trust and hope you had the merriest of New Year’s. I sure did. In fact, one of the days I had just before the holidays could be described as nothing less than spectcular! The day was a dreary Tuesday, a few weeks before Christmas. Admittedly, it didn’t have the beginning […]

Humanity Man

Well, hello there, my dear and fellow zombie. I am so glad you chose to join us once again. When Nicole emailed me the theme to this issue of Synergy, I was reminded of a quote I once read. I can’t recall if it was Oscar Wilde or that girl on “Here Comes Honey Boo […]