How are you doing, my fellow zombie? I am so happy you chose to join us here again. I actually LOLed (there’s a shout out to you tweeters and texters from the written page) when Nicole emailed me the theme to the issue of Synergy that you are holding in your hands right now. The […]

Humanity Man: George

It’s been almost a month since I watched the coroner load George into his extended black van and drive away. Now, I didn’t know George all that well. He was a neighbour to where I rent a basement suite. I’d talked to him a bunch of times, mostly during the summer when he would sit […]

Gift Giving

We trust you had a happy Christmas and a merry New Year and enjoyed all the rest of the good things the yuletide season delivers us. We’re assuming, check that, we’re knowing that our festive season was, well, festive. (Due to the logistics of publishing, we are writing this halfway through December.) Be that as […]