Humanity Man: aging

Hello again, dear zombie. How nice of you to drop by again for a visit.   How are your lessons faring? Because the list of lessons is growing along with my longer term memory troubles, the lengthening list of lessons will not be listed here. (If you are interested, though, feel free to check out […]

Humanity Man: Smile

Well, hello there, my fellow zombies, we’re truly happy you could join us again.   How have your lessons been progressing? For you rookie zombies and others with memory troubles, your first two lessons were:   1. Be peaceful, and…   2. Question everything.   If you are succeeding at those two lessons, we thank […]

Humanity Man

Well, hello there, dear reader, I’m so glad you chose to join us again.   How did the last lesson go? For those of you who are new to this column or suffer from short-term memory troubles, the last lesson was: to be peaceful. In thoughts, in words, in deeds, we simply had to be peaceful. […]

Humanity Man

Okay, dear reader, if you read the byline at the top of this column, I can almost guarantee I know what you’re thinking.   You’re thinking, ‘If a single goose is a goose, and a bunch of them are geese, and one moose is a moose, why aren’t a bunch of them called meese?’ If […]