Colliery Dams – Democracy?

Frequently I hear that politicians are trusted about as much as used car salespeople. Politics can be so dirty! Yes, democracy is a messy business—especially when it’s actually practised. Which is why the decision to remove the beloved Colliery Dams could be seen as the worst example of democracy, or the best. The mess began […]

Connecting With One Another

Life has its ups and downs. Certainly some of us experience them more than others. They can be small (getting over a cold, receiving a note of appreciation) or large (being laid off or recovering from cancer) and everything in between. Neuro-scientists have discovered unless we are able to feel ‘negative’ emotions our ability to […]


Living, as we do, in the part of the world focused mostly on individuals, it is easy to miss the power and strength of belonging to human and animal relationships, the earth, the Spirit, and even oneself. It is true that doctors, lawyers, financial folk, therapists, and most professionals principally occupy themselves with individuals. They/we […]