Our Homes, Our Souls

 “Your soul comes alive in cherished friendships, family gatherings, and the care you bring to your home.” Thomas Moore    What do you value in a home? It’s not easy to put into words. I yearn for a home where ‘soul is nurtured and reflected’, providing daily renewal and refreshment.    I encourage you to […]

Surface Matters

Has your living space become unmanageable or unsettling? Too much stuff? Are you unhappy about how a room feels when you enter and spend time in it? Are you interested in creating more simplicity in your rooms? We’ve all heard that we need to declutter, but how many of us know how to do that […]

A Fresh Look at Your Living Space

Do the rooms in your house support the way you live? Do they speak about who you are as people? I’m not talking about perfection or impressing your friends with an expensive decor. I’m referring to how you choose to arrange your furniture and possessions in creative ways that give your rooms interest, inspiration and […]