The Art of Living Colour

"Come in, come in,” invites Kristeen Verge, waving me into her Nanaimo studio with the wet end of a loaded paintbrush. "I’m doing a red wash,” she divulges, grinning while she brandishes the brush over a large canvas; the maestro playing with music. It’s magic. Vivid, dynamic, semi-abstract tulips rise from the acrylics like bold […]

A Man for the Mountain

What does it really mean to give back? Is it just the return of something we’ve borrowed and used, and now no longer need? Like, "thanks, Mom, here’s your Kleenex back.” Or, is it more – the repayment of a debt or obligation requiring some gift or action of equivalent value? "Wow, you shovelled that […]


Unless your name is Tarzan, your home is probably not very Green. Granted, Tarzan’s was a particular lifestyle choice, and he spent much of his time swinging from vines. So, a natural flooring of the decomposing jungle kind, and non-existent walls suffused in multi-coloured light by a radiant sun with plenty of open air conditioning […]