A Simple Plan – Interview with Dirk Becker

Imagine a work day where your morning commute finishes, before it even starts. Where working in your field means stepping into rows of delicious green leaves and vibrant patches of sun-ripened berries and plump vegetables. In this very co-operative environment, brilliant stalks of dazzling rainbow chard naturally network with a community of down-to-earth garlic and […]

The Sensei

It’s 3:30 on a warm Tuesday afternoon, and as he always does, Brian Maximchuk stops and performs a quick ritual bow before entering the teaching area of his martial arts dojo in Lantzville. Straightening up, his lean face is all grin. Inside the room there’s a blur of excited young children, each dressed in t-shirts […]

Heart Beats

Madonna and Meg Ryan each have one. Angelina Jolie has two. And Pamela Lynn, who has one, would have two more in an instant. We’re talking about adoptive children. And each of these beautiful, creative, artistic women has such a strong and loving commitment to family that they are trying to help save the world’s […]

Collecting the Sun

Sunlight pours along the Vancouver Island country roads of Cedar, leading me a bright chase through dappled woods and freshening spring fields. Revelling in the glory of the day with its sudden glimpses of splashed purple crocuses and water-laden hollows, I travel for fifteen minutes in the wrong direction. Rewinding my trail, the sleepy gravel […]

Pet Peeves

I am an indifferent pet person. Oh, not the kind that would mistreat an animal or ignore its needs, just someone who doesn’t love to have pets around. They’re there, I’m here; we mutually respect each other’s territory and I don’t even have to lift my leg. I’ve watched many a neighbour and even a […]