Living Strong

"Pain is temporary, but quitting is forever.” Lance Armstrong Robin Dutton would agree. It’s a philosophy he lives by and while he doesn’t know Lance Armstrong personally, so far they’ve been living lives of uncanny parallel: at 29 and 33 respectively, both men are elite cyclists and world-class level tri-athletes. Both have accomplished incredible personal […]

Making it Over the Wall

"Hitting the wall”. It’s an expression that Marathon and long-distance runners are familiar with: out of energy and overcome with exhaustion, it means the race is over for the day. No one wants to hit the wall when they’re running. Every one of us knows that feeling of ‘hitting the wall’ at some point in […]

Dance with Me

Come on, admit it – when Richard Gere started to dance with Jennifer Lopez in their recent movie, "Shall We Dance?”, didn’t you just want to be them? Didn’t the music and the sensuality and the fun and the intensity, call out to you to join them? Didn’t you long to swirl around a room, […]