Dancing Through Life with Snowpigs

I’ve started to notice a creeping change among my friends. It seems to come with age, and the lack of necessity and desire to make do with less than perfect weather. The idea that there is a place somewhere to the south that will be more comfortable, warmer, sunnier, and just in general, a better […]

Growing Community

There is looking, there is seeing, and then there is vision. When I arrived at Simms Creek Park, I looked at the broken fences, the garbage in the corner, the lone cold concrete picnic table, and an almost vacant lot. This small corner of a Willow Point residential neighbourhood has been used in the past […]

Dancing Through Life

I have recently noticed an epidemic afoot in the general population that seriously disturbs me. I call it the “near life experience.”  I didn’t invent that term, and can’t say who did, but it accurately describes the symptoms I am seeing: although people appear to be carrying on their lives as usual, they aren’t really […]

Dancing Through Life: Spring

For some people, spring arrives with the first crocus bloom, or perhaps a snowdrop. For me, it has to be a pussy willow. Something about the furry, plump “blossom” gives me not only the hope of spring, but the certainty of it. Sometime around mid February, or even earlier in a warmer winter, I start […]