Dancing Through Life – Winter

I know that I’m not the only one who finds winter weather less than ideal. Not the actual weather, really, but the diminished hours of light caused by our location on this planet. The more extreme cases of this condition are common enough to generate a name: seasonal affective disorder or, SAD for short. And, […]

Stay Home and Benefit

What is that well-known saying? Nothing is certain except change. The local economy is undergoing all kinds of change, and new ideas of living are springing up around us. The changing situations are making spending choices much more conscious than in the past, when families could count on a predictable level of income from the […]

Choosing to Listen

If there’s one thing I noticed while raising children, it was that the surest way to create a desire for something was to make it “off limits.” The TV show that I deemed to be inappropriate, or even just a waste of time, became the one that was most desirable. Foods that were unhealthy, in […]

Living Large

For whatever reason, I have always been fascinated by the apparent contradictions I encounter while learning to live a life of spirit. Exploring how they come together and resolve, takes me to a place of unity, of oneness, which is the source of me, and of all. Let me explain. The idea of "living large” […]