Book Review: Dance of the Fallen Monk

This is an autobiography of a man who lived as a cloistered Trappist monk for 17 years, then left the monastery, spent time working for the military, studying theology at the graduate level, being a Catholic, and then Protestant chaplain on campus. Along the way he experimented with various views of sexuality, then met and […]

Games I Play

One of my favourite pastimes is to sit in a coffee shop and watch people. I know that I’m likely not alone in this endeavour, and lately I’ve found this hobby (or game) very instructive. As an experienced student of ‘the human zoo,’ I love to create slices of life, vignettes, if you will, that […]

The Unseen Harvest

Usually, about this time of year, when the days are starting to be shorter, and a sunny day might start off a bit "crisp,” I come in from the back yard with a big smile, carrying a large basket of goodies from the garden. There might be tomatoes, greens of all kinds, beans, carrots, and […]