Jeannie Schweitzer

During my acupressure training many years ago, a good friend gave me a mug with a famous quote about how stress-induced confusion is created when the body and the mind are not in "harmony”. His intention was to "de-stress me through the medium of laughter”. Everyone I know is affected by stress in one way […]

The Tao of Trauma

Last night I was at the AGM board meeting for the North Island Survivors Healing Society, a counseling center for adults affected from abuse. The various talents, in-depth knowledge and commitment, of the counselors and the Centre amazed me in general. While they were giving a brief synopsis of how they work with trauma, addictions, […]

Five Element Theory – Wood

Thousands of years ago, Chinese Taoist philosophers began looking for ways to better understand and explain the body’s health. According to the teachings of their philosophy, personal health was related to elements found in nature and could be affected by the changing seasons. The Taoists developed the ‘Five Element Theory,’ still in use by Traditional […]