New Year Resolutions

Seeing as how my New Year’s resolutions last year weren’t very successful (intake of hot buttered popcorn has risen instead of fallen, as has the level of watching sporting events on the boob tube), I thought I’d try a different approach to New Year’s resolutions for 2010.   The premise of this new approach is […]

Dear, Body of Mine

Dear Body of Mine, I know it probably seems a little strange to be receiving your first letter from me considering we’ve had such a close relationship for the last 38 ½ years or so, but to tell the truth, it never occurred to me to write you before today. I’m sure you’re aware of what prompted me […]

Time for Change

So, how does it feel knowing you’ve been conned? No, no, don’t be looking over your shoulder. I’m talking to you, yes, you, the one reading this article right now. Conned, you’re raising your eyebrows and ask? Moi? How have I been conned? Well, for starters, don’t feel so bad. It’s not like you’re the […]