I sat with my fingers on the key board waiting for inspiration to come. Nothing happened. I got something to eat, came back, waited … again nothing. This time I decided to let my fingers do the talking and not worry about knowing what I was going to say, so I just let them type. […]

I Got Sick

I got sick. My friends say I get sick a lot. It doesn’t make sense to me. I am so conscious about my life. I eat well, get the prescribed amount of sleep, I balance my life with meditation, prayer, work and family (not in that order necessarily) and I pay attention to my thinking, […]

There Is Always Another Way

In 1995 I was a ski instructor at a resort that schools sent their students to, for lessons. The classes were structured and routine. The personality of each school revealed itself on the slopes. Some school’s kids were boisterous, others orderly and a rare few, were inclusive. Kids are kids, but it was easy to […]


"Hey there’s something wrong, check it out!"I opened the door to look and saw a rush of water coming up on the floor, "Holy crap we have a lot of water back here."Then a wave caught the side of the boat and came right in, causing the boat to roll instantly and there we were […]

Creative Expression

I lecture and mentor on the Infinite Creative Expression. Often I ask people to submit an article to the Synergy Magazine and they come back to tell me they don’t know what to say or how to write. I am told they are waiting for the right feeling to come. Waiting? Waiting to be creative? […]