The Commute

Many people in some towns or cities spend half an hour to an hour commuting to and from work. I live on Quadra Island and I commute to work, but my commute is WAY different than bumper-to-bumper traffic. I hear some islanders complain about the whole commute thing and they eventually give up and move […]

Experience by Living

It was a Thursday and I was thinking about my day off on Friday. Friday is when I usually plan to go skiing but I didn’t really feel like it. As I was pondering what to do, suddenly, for the first time ever, it totally and absolutely occurred to me that I have the resources […]

Sustain or Transform?

Monday morning the alarm goes off. Get up, cross the hall for the usual relief, working my way into the day. Call out at the kids to get up, look in the mirror and wonder what to do with the hair. Into the kitchen, find bowls, pull out the cereal and milk. Break open the […]