Self Trust

Self trust is an interesting concept: widely assumed yet, unfortunately, not so widely practiced. It is also the foundation for leading competent and fulfilling lives. Self distrust (or self doubt), on the other hand, feels more prevalent. It piggybacks on the feeling that there is no safety, external or internal, and can manifest in several […]

The Nature of Responsibility

What is the nature of our responsibility to others? One aspect of codependency is taking too much responsibility for the other; not respecting the boundary that separates us as individuals. On the other hand, we are social animals, we live in community however vague its definition. Community implies some sort of social responsibility from looking […]

Codependency and the State of Our World

As a teacher and writer on the subject of codependence, I often question its relationship to global issues. What, if anything, does codependence have to do with poverty, violence, corruption, hunger …? How important is the study of codependence in alleviating these conditions? My answer, briefly stated, is very.    Everyone in this world exhibits […]

Going Green

Everywhere you look these days, one is confronted by the colour green. The metaphoric green, that is; the flag waving colour of environmentalists everywhere. Not everyone, however, is on the same page. I was talking with an acquaintance the other day telling her that "so and so” had redone her whole house ‘green.’ "Oh,” she […]