Deconstructing Dinner: What is ‘Convenience’?

Should our interest to lead more responsible lifestyles begin with how we define ‘convenience’? Fundamental changes to how we live are ongoing topics of discussion these days both within and outside of the home. Are we at risk, however, of exploring these changes while remaining within the same ‘box’ that contributed to this need to […]

Deconstructing Dinner

A Perplexing and Promising Tale of Milk.  The story of how one B.C. farm has become fed up with the distance their milk travels to be processed, and is now exploring how to keep it local. Slowly but surely, the absurdity of our globalized and resource-intensive food system is becoming apparent to more and more […]

Deconstructing Dinner – The Age of Inequality

Celebrated Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath shares his understanding of how our consumption habits here in North America affect India’s rural poor.  It’s rare for a newspaper here in North America to employ someone in a position of “rural affairs editor”. In India, however, their national newspaper, The Hindu, employs Palagummi Sainath in that very position.  […]