He’s Really Into Her

My husband never talked about being unhappy. He never suggested anything was missing in our marriage. I don’t know how or why the idea took over his heart. I’d like to say he just drifted away from me, but it was more like a bolting dash once he started perusing all the possibilities posted on […]

For Better or For Dirt

My husband is always working hard and in a hurry. I used to try to match his pace, which meant frequent (sometimes twice a day) vacuuming because he doesn’t have time to remove his footwear. How I hated it: the horrid roar, the musty dusty smell, the sweat-inducing struggle to drag a contraption that’s always […]

SHIFT – Snoring Is My Muse

This is an altogether too familiar scenario. Saying his name softly won’t wake him, nudging him gently won’t roll him over, and I’m grinding my teeth toward another tension headache because I’ve been duped. That good behavior of courting couples included silent sleeping on the pillow next to mine.  Those were the days of spooning, […]