Would You Vote For Obama If He Slouched?

Picture this: It’s Fall 2008 and the US Federal election race is in full-tilt. On the TV, Obama is speaking from the platform. Same powerful words, same inspiring message…except, he’s slumped. At his diaphragm level, he’s folded. Because of this, his shoulders curl in towards the chest and his head sticks forward towards the mic. […]

Did You Make a Mistake?

Omph! It hits you in the stomach. You screwed up. You royally screwed up.  Now you’ve done it. Your whole career and business is going to tank as a result of this. You may as well throw in the towel, crawl under a log, start rationing the food in your pantry; you’ll be out on […]

Free Fall With No Parachute

The “Drop” Principle: Free Fall With No Parachute How to Stop Doing Things That You Hate to Do “How does one become a butterfly?”    “You must want to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar”, writes Trina Paulus, in her book, Hope For the Flowers.    Do you tend […]

Strive Less and Ease More

How much of your time are you currently spending doing things that a) you suck at and b) you don’t enjoy? If you read last issue’s article on the power of delegation, by now you have delegated some of your areas of incompetence to people who are geniuses in those areas. Myself, recognizing my total […]

Call a Genius

Would you like to spend more time doing what you love and using your natural gifts? I call this your “genius zone”. A wise coach and friend, Helen Daniels, once told me her secret to spending more time in her genius zone: drop, delegate or develop. The three Ds.   The Three Ds principle suggests […]