What Did The Kwakwaka’wakw Do For Christmas?

Child: What did the Kwakwaka’wakw people do for Christmas? Mother: Not so long ago, before the non-native people came to this land, our people spent a lot of the year traveling around to different harvest sites. Many would leave their main villages in the spring, summer and fall to gather and preserving many different kinds […]

I dream of a community…

Where First Nations people are included as equals and supported in contributing to everyone’s well being; Where schools work to teach everyone, not just aboriginal students, to understand and respect native culture; Where native children learn about their people’s history and practices alongside their non-native classmates instead of in segregated programs; Where learning about native […]

When Ancient Spirits Dream

I arrived at Village Island with the Campbell River Adventure Club. We all wanted to experience the great outdoors and explore the mystery of this historic site. The place was stunningly beautiful and the air sang with the whispers of ancient spirits. My previous life had conveniently dissolved just prior to this trip freeing me […]

Rituals of the Kwakwaka’wakw Potlatch

The potlatch is an incredibly intricate and fascinating set of rituals through which the values, beliefs and culture of the Kwakwaka’wakw and other west coast First Nations are shared.  Traditionally, Kwakwaka’wakw society was based upon these many acts of giving and generosity that make up the potlatch. In the colder, darker months of winter, all […]