Stop Manifesting!

Many people come into the idea of law of attraction and manifesting, and begin to consciously TRY to manifest things. The idea of manifesting, an innate and inevitable outcome of being focused in physical reality, is handed over to the conscious mind – the ever eager doer. You squint your eyes, you try to focus […]

Changing What You Look For

The conscious mind for most humans is often running a continuous program of negative expectation, expecting and anticipating undesired outcomes in the daily experiences of human life. It’s habituated to look and troubleshoot for problems. The running theme of the conscious mind is “what if it goes wrong” or “what if it doesn’t work out […]

An Unconditional Life

There is something you want to experience in your life right now, but your mind is insisting that there are things that have to happen first, there are other events that have to take place before you can have this experience. There are conditions that have to be met.   Take a moment to list […]

Daring to Know

Your personal reality has never been about anything, or anyone, but you. It has nothing to do with anything that appears on your screen of experience. It has everything to do with your own ability to bring into focus that which you want to experience. Deliberate creation is about developing a one-pointed focus on that […]

Releasing Known Pathways

Everything you know, of how things can come together and in what ways they can come together, is based on past experience as well as evidence of how other beings, other unique points of consciousness, have materialized a sequence of moments. You have known and manifested pathways that have become your own automatic and expected […]