Insights of Motherhood

In L.B.M. (life before motherhood) I did not see motherhood as "fun". Mothers looked stressed out, irritated and were usually desperate to escape their children for a break… have some fun! I definitely did not see why someone would actually choose motherhood. And so I decided not to have children since they would obviously interfere […]


This is the last in a three part series exploring "Indulging your baby’s dependency needs". Through the first two parts we covered baby-wearing and demand breast-feeding. In this last part we are going to look at how co-sleeping can assist in meeting your baby’s dependency needs as well as why it is important to do […]

Breast Feeding on Demand

It is interesting that we have the term "demand feeding” in our culture. The amazing design of the human body actually guarantees that a baby=s needs will be met. The term "demand feeding” really just refers to the biologically necessary way to nurse a baby. The mother=s body works to produce milk only with the […]