The Big House

Then the dancing began. Dressed in spectacular regalia adorned with feathers and headdresses of brilliantly painted thunderbirds, four young men came out to the centre of the house and began whirling and whooping in time to the drumming. The house was electric!    Half way through the dance someone whispered to me that the dance […]

Hester & Hannah

"What’s in this row?” "Beets.” "How ‘bout this row?” "Peas.” Hester smiled brighter at the idea of having fresh peas from her Grandma Hannah’s garden. A few weeks ago Hannah had begun to slowly teach Hester how to weed and hoe and tend the little garden until the late afternoon sun became too obvious. Then […]

Just in Case…

"The house of my youth was non-denominational” I commented to my friends one summer evening as we sat chatting about theology and pondering the ideas and theories surrounding fate and planning. "I’m not sure I have too many pre-conceived notions on the subject” I continued. The questions that we had been throwing around were ‘Can […]