Harvest Moon

Come. Come, child, come. Leave behind those shackles and bars. They do not serve you anymore. Come, my child, come. Take my hand and step outside. The air is sweet and clear out here. You need not gasp or choke anymore. Yes, my sweet, yes. The world has been waiting for you. Feel the Spirit’s […]

Straw Homes

Construction is booming on the Island, and energy demands are increasing. While we lounge in our monster-sized, energy-sucking homes, more than 50 percent of the world’s population live in homes built from basic earthen materials. However, earthen homes are not necessarily a sign of poverty. In fact, these time-tested construction methods are slowly finding a […]

A Bird in the Hand

A bird in the hand is worth far more than two in the bush, especially if she’s there on her own free will. Last fall, I taught the chickadees in my yard to take sunflower seeds from my hand. In return, I have been blessed with hours of quiet entertainment, and a deepening appreciation of […]