Natural Sweeteners

From seasons and weather, to technology, change is everywhere and it is inevitable. How we adapt to this change determines our success, happiness and health. As we become more aware of the role of food and our energy levels, immune function, and general health, many of us are making better choices. Some of us do […]

Raw Foods Kitchen

As we head into Fall we are also heading back to routine. Many of us are ready to replace bbq’s and beer with healthier foods, and a raw foods diet is an excellent way to accomplish this. You may be prepared for this change; the question is, “Is your kitchen?” The basics of a raw […]

Raw Thickeners and Emulsifiers

With so much fresh local produce available to us in the summer, it is a great time to experiment with raw foods. Being healthy has never tasted so good…and I promise you’ll never look at seaweed the same again! One of the greatest challenges you may encounter while preparing raw foods is creating the texture […]

Raw Versus Living Foods

Spring has always been my favorite season. There is something so hopeful and alive awakened inside each of us when that first crocus magically appears through a light frost. Thinking of the fresh, new life of spring makes me think of sprouts and brings me to this article’s topic: raw foods versus living foods. Often […]