To Accept Freedom

To Accept Freedom Nowhere to hide, everywhere to grow, and in this moment: ability to accept freedom. Freedom as surrender: To love, to loss, to forgiveness, to joy Freedom as willingness: To weep, to laugh, to celebrate, to embrace one’s self and others Freedom as openness: To spontaneity, to collaboration, to curiosity, to playfulness and […]

The Time Has Arrived

The Time Has Arrived ~ by Lynn Thompson When I step outside the web of networking, all there is, is space. When I am in my body and yet beyond the limit of skin, all there is, is air. I am more than anything I have ever thought, beyond anything my imagination has created. Now […]

“What is Your Permanent Address?”

“What is Your Permanent Address?” (for the original print version complete with photographs, click here) Toronto apartment for six months Agincourt farm house for four years Ottawa house for a year Ottawa house for eleven years Trent University student residence for one year McMaster University, three suites over two years Summer in student residence at […]

Fullness of Heart

This morning I was awake quite a bit earlier than my usual 6-ish a.m. return from dreamland. After an hour of resting my eyes I decided I might as well get up, have a shower and continue the exercise of clearing the backlog of emails that I launched into yesterday. I was puzzled by my […]