Marketing for Small Biz – Networking

Running a business can be like jumping off a cliff, and trusting that you have the skill and fortitude to soar. It often takes nerves of steel to run a business; but for many, there is a worse fear…Networking. Why? It involves almost everyones’ biggest fear…Public Speaking! Even if you have the greatest product or […]

Branding Your Business

Of course I don’t mean a searing hot cattle prod but rather the importance of projecting a professional, consistent business image. Visual recall of your company colors and logo combined with a memorable tag line are imperative to any business. It’s not just for large corporations and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Even […]

Love Letter to Baby

I had started and stopped and started over several times, trying to write about Brianna’s birth. It’s hard. A lot harder than I had thought it would be. Like being a MOM. Which just happens to be the first word my three year old keeps writing over and over again. Maybe one day I’ll be […]