Closing the Gap

What have you been doing lately? Me? Recently I read Discover Your Destiny by Robin Sharma, and was drawn to what he called the “Integrity Gap”.   “Remember, the purpose of life is all about making the journey home to wholeness, back to a place of integrity, back to your authentic self – the one […]

Healing Through Self-Care

“Self-care is self-loving. It will heal you…” writes Sonia Choquette in Vitamins for the Soul. Recently, this has become my new occupation. I’m moving toward what feels good for my soul -investing in my healing so that I can live an authentic, vibrant and joyful life. It’s not as easy as it seems. With no […]

Legacy of Light

A brochure headline caught my eye the other day. It read, "The legacy you leave is the life you lead.” It made total sense to me in the context of creating my second childhood. I began 2008 with the awareness that I needed more adventure in my life. So, I took my first unaccompanied "real” […]