Ashwaghanda root, Siberian golden root, schizandra berry, eleuthero root, wolfberry and velvet bean are harvested far and wide-from Russia, India and parts of Europe. What makes this a class of herbs so special is that they help to normalize all the body’s functions. If the body needs rest, adaptogens may have a calming effect. If […]


Well, life can definitely throw a person a curve ball, just when you least expect it. As a mother dealing with her children over the years, I’ve experienced those difficult times: first when my children were young and then again when they became adults. Maybe some of you can relate to having raised your children […]

Giving Back

As many of us do, once I turned 60, I began to reflect on my life. I thought about the choices I had made that brought me to where I am today. When I look at these decisions, I now realize they have affected every aspect of my life by filtering how I perceive and […]


Hippocrates, himself, the ancient Greek known as the founder of Western medicine, recommended fasting as a means for improving health. The word ’toxin’ has its roots in the Greek word Toxicon, which means poisons. Many cultures have used Colon Hydrotherapy, first recorded in 1500 B.C., as well as saunas that were introduced as far as […]