Environmental Encouragement

Summary Intro: Grants for homeowners help reduce energy efficiency upgrades and while it is true that the Provincial LiveSmart Homeowner grants have ended, the federal ecoENERGY grants of up to $5000 for windows, doors, heating, ventilation and insulation continue.    I was very disappointed when I heard that our province had dropped their LiveSmart grant […]

Environmental Stimulus

By now I’m sure that everyone has already heard plenty about all of the money being handed over to big banks, insurance companies, and automakers to “stimulate the economy”. I wonder if those trillions of dollars are actually going to fix anything for the long term. The funny thing is that people, especially our leaders, […]

Out of Oil?

What if the world’s oil supply were to run out? Optimistic projections predict that peak oil production will occur in about 10 years, others say we have already passed that peak. Given that world demand for oil is increasing daily, this means that oil production will soon have a tough time keeping up, and oil […]

Energy Shift

We are on the verge of a major energy transition. The days of oil being our main supply of energy are quickly coming to an end, and giving way to new and better energy sources. Not only is the world’s supply of oil and other fossil fuels running out, but the price of oil has […]