Be Here Now

The morning sun shines through the huge pine trees on this crisp, fresh morning. I breathe in the cool, fresh morning air. Ahhh, another beautiful moment…   I’m learning to slow down. I’m learning to be present. I take the time to look at the things that are around me everywhere, everyday. Simple things, like the incredible pattern of my […]

The Future Is Now

At the tender age of 50, I have decided to return to the academic world and become a student once more. My future IS a reality. I no longer say, “Will be”, I say, “Is”. This newfound space that I am in is a result of putting my life on hold, waiting until the perfect […]

What’s In It For Me?

The phone rings again for about the tenth time in as many minutes.” Hello Crisis Line”, – dead silence. "Hello, Crisis Line”. I hear a very faint sobbing sound. "You’ve reached the Crisis Line and I’m here for you. Take your time”, I say in a soft and slow voice. This call, like many others […]

Kokopelli Woman

I had a wonderful experience with Carol Keane the other day, at a cozy coffee shop on the campus of Vancouver Island University. We found a quiet corner next to the library and she began talking in that soft, caring and thought provoking manner she has. She was on campus that day for business and […]