Mr. Coleman’s Bad Idea To Export More Gas

A fossil fuel corporate giant, Petronas, plans to build new natural gas (LNG) terminals on BC’s west coast. And sure enough, our new Minister of Energy and Mines, Rich Coleman, was on CBC and elsewhere promoting the export of gas—he was saying that: gas is good, gas is clean, gas will create jobs. Sorry Mr. […]

Carbon Tax

BC mayors are asking the government to spend money collected from the carbon tax on ‘green’ projects. A great idea, but I would go further by asking for even higher carbon taxes. Wow, you say, higher taxes, great. Ok, I do realize that most people think that taxes are bad—and higher taxes worse. If that […]

Cowichan Valley Solar Purchase

[This spring], 250 citizens of the Cowichan Valley met at the Heritage Hall in Duncan to learn about solar hot water during a “Solar Energy Workshop”. There was a real buzz in the room as citizens talked with genuine interest with solar contractors, listened to guest speakers and posed questions in a public forum session.   […]