The Light Is Coming

Sunshine and heightened consciousness seem to go together. Spring is here and it seems people are apt to offer a smile to everyone they see. It’s as if springtime encourages all of us to be more conscious of our inter-connectedness, one to another. It’s at this time of year our thoughts turn to Mother Nature […]

Plugged In

Everyone is ‘plugged in’ these days including all governments, militaries, businesses and individuals. We told the huge range of electronics available to us have made our lives richer. No longer do we have to wait for food to thaw we can zap it in the microwave. We read the news on computers, follow sports on […]

The Heart Knows

It’s probably the sun’s apparent climb into the northern hemisphere and the promise of light, after the months of darkness that stimulates the desire to make resolutions at this time. Whatever it is that drives us, this time of year seems to be the prime time for reflections and resolutions. No one can tell us […]

Points to Ponder

This is truly a fantastic time to be alive as we move toward a new understanding of our world and our place in it. The most exciting part of all this change, provided to us by physicists, explains our world while validating ancient wisdom. No longer does the mechanistic world view that discarded any notion […]