Solar Cooking

I first heard about solar cooking at the World Community film festival. There was a short film showing solar cookers being used to boil drinking water in Africa. The cooker was made out of cardboard and tinfoil. Once this simple unit was built it saved many hours of time in the lives of the people […]

Burning Water

With wonder and skepticism, I watch a YouTube video as a man searching for a cure for cancer starts a fire burning saltwater in a tube. Another video shows a man using a flaming torch to slice through metal: again, burning water. Still other videos show using this technology to run cars and motorcycles. Burning […]


There has been a lot of discussion about the importance of drinking enough water. Most people are aware that we need to drink enough water every day so the body can perform its essential functions of circulation, digestion, absorption, elimination, enzyme action and organ function. Dehydration is common and should be avoided as it can […]