Osteoporosis, defined as thin and porous bones, can occur in one of three ways. First is the vertebrae, which can collapse just from the weight of the body or from minimal lifting. This is where you will see a person shrink in height and may form a hunch back. Second is the Colles’ fracture where […]

Habit of Health

Recently I was at a presentation by Dr. Hugo Rodier, M.D., a man after my own heart. This doctor was different! He talked about diet and supplementation which I will give you a summary of. Dr. Rodier started off by saying you cannot separate health from everything else. The state of our health is a […]

Giving Our All

For me, "Being of Serviceā€ is something that each of us can do on a daily basis. It starts with how we treat ourselves. What we put in our minds and bodies in the way of thoughts, beliefs, values, food, drink. When we treat ourselves with respect, it is much easier to respect others, the […]

Cancer and Nutrition

Cancer. When one hears that they have cancer, it can be very scary! For good reason! First, there are many theories (ie: parasites, viruses, bacterial, injury, yeast, fungi, inflammation, broken/mutated DNA) for which billions of dollars have been spent proving or disproving. Second, are many possible cures (ie: surgery, cytotoxic therapies of chemo, radiation, and […]