Let Go and Let God!

A while back a friend of mine asked me, “Why do people live in the past?” The surrounding conversation, as all conversations between us, was sharp witted and thought provoking. What a wonderful gift to have a friend that can push your buttons and stroke your ego all in the same fleeting phrase. What would […]

World Champion Amongst Us

Reaching the highest level in one’s field of expertise is an uplifting experience, but it can also reveal aspects of our character that many prefer to keep hidden. Dark facets of our persona are compartmentalized within our minds, with little exposure to the light. In truth, most would prefer to bury their ominous alter ego […]

Victimhood to Forgiveness

“So that’s how it happened.” I said. “My childhood was not very good.” My girlfriend and I were sipping coffee, while sharing insights from our personal histories. Both of us contemplating, still moved by the thought-provoking Sunday service that we had just left. Experiencing one of Reverend Jill’s Sunday messages is like a deep tissue […]