Conscious Parenting

What is “parenting”? The familiar definitions usually center around “the rearing of children”, or “discipline employed to guide behaviour”. To back this up, there is an endless collection of “parenting” literature on “how to make your child behave”; you need only peruse the library aisles for a few minutes to see that, between 1-2-3 Magic, […]

Understanding Fear in Childbirth

A new baby is often welcomed by a family anticipating a “tiny bundle of joy!” So why is it, when a mother contemplates the birth of that same baby, the first feeling that comes up is fear? What are the origins of this fear? How did this fear acquire such a strong hold on our […]

Estate Planning

Do you remember when your parents sat you down to have "the talk”? At that time, it was the last thing you wanted to hear and likely included some uncomfortable moments. As we ease into a new year, it could be time to think about another "talk”, but not ith your kids – with your […]