Food: Critical Thinking Required

Looking at our food system and its demons takes commitment and courage.   There are over 1 billion people in the world who are hungry, yet so much food is wasted. As big corporations seek to control our seed supply, use of their products poisons our land and fresh water. As more of us become aware of […]

Will We Change Our Food Habits?

We eat when we need to. And often, when we don’t need to.   Many of us are conditioned to eat 3 times a day, hungry or not. Eating is a way to entertain ourselves if we are bored, but this is only possible where having food is taken for granted. Like spoiled children, we seem to […]

Food: La Via Campesina and Food Sovereignty

The year 1993 marked the beginning of a transnational agrarian movement, called La Via Campesina. By 1996 they had coined the term Food Sovereignty, declaring it their right to grow food as they had been doing for centuries.   Last October, 2008, its Fifth International Conference was held in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. The attendees […]